Netherlands Institute

Glass Windows of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Netherlands)

Neutelings Riedijk Architects (NRA) represent the generation of Dutch Architects that are finally beginning to usurp the dominance of Rem Koolhaas. NRA recently completed Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The building was conceived as a perfect cube, half of which is buried beneath the ground. A cultural focus for the city of Hilversum, it houses broadcasting archives, offices and a museum. The exterior is a modern stained glass, conceived in collaboration with artist Jaap Drupsteen. Each panel of the cast glass skin is imprinted with famous images from Dutch Television. Interestingly, each image is only discernible from a certain angle, creating a merged and colourful effect. The interior of the building is in textural contrast, as it gives way to the exhibits. However, the stained glass casts a colourful glow where it permeates. One wonders if the effect is similar to that of the stained glass that we are more used to — that of the mediaeval church.